ESI leads GNB/DRDC RCMP interoperability validation training exercise in Saint John | Port Saint John exercise facilitated with community stakeholders | ESI conducts training at Canaport LNG | ESI partners with Firefighters Without Borders and engages with St. Lucia to facilitate an Emergency Management and Community Resiliency Project


Left to right: Lew MacDonald, Marc Carey, Sarah McLaughlin, and Mark Gillan
ESI was incorporated in New Brunswick in 2009 and works internationally with clients within government and industry. The primary mission of Emergency Solutions International (ESI) is to support partners from both the government and private sectors in their “All Hazard” based emergency planning, preparedness and risk assessment needs.

As part of a comprehensive approach to emergency planning, ESI encourages the use of the Capability Based Planning (CBP) methodology.  The foundation for implementing CBP is the creation of Target Capabilities, which support a process of accountability through the use of defined measures and metrics.

With expertise in implementation and training regarding the Canadian Incident Command System (ICS) ESI can provide “resourced” experts to assist before and during times of crisis.  To promote self-sufficiency, ESI can proactively train an organization’s own “boots on the ground” personnel responsible for crisis management.

ESI facilitates NB Trunked Mobile Radio Training and Validation Exercises
To support a truly sustainable effort, regular exercising and evaluation of Emergency Response Plans through table top exercises may also be conducted with ESI. Key areas of engagement are Risk Assessment, emergency plan creation and evaluation, exercise design and facilitation, as well as relationship building between industry and local emergency planning and response agencies.