About US

The primary mission of Emergency Solutions International (ESI) is to support partners from both the government and private sectors in their “All Hazard” emergency planning, preparedness and risk assessment needs.  As part of a comprehensive approach to emergency planning, ESI encourages the use of the Capability Based Planning (CBP) methodology. The foundation for implementing CBP is the creation of Target Capabilities, which support a process of accountability through the use of defined measures and metrics. Further, ESI uses a cyclical Emergency Risk Management process to ensures that all efforts are sustainable and measured.

With expertise in Incident Management System (IMS) and Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) management, in the response and recovery phase of an incident, ESI can provide experts to assist in times of crisis.  Further, to promote self-sufficiency, ESI can proactively train an organization’s own “boots on the ground” IMS personnel, helping to equip an in-house team to better manage an emergency situation.  To support a truly sustainable effort, regular exercising and evaluation of Emergency Response Plans may also be conducted with ESI. Evaluation services have been provided at the tactical level to support response teams and at the strategic level for industry on behalf of their Federal Regulators.

The specialty of Emergency Solutions International is putting together teams of experts for the purpose of resolving the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery issues that today’s organizations are trying to overcome. With 32 years experience as a firefighter, Command Officer and Emergency Planner, Mark Gillan and the team at ESI have the expertise and contacts to lead the effort and ensure successful project or planning outcomes.

ESI was incorporated in 2009 and works with clients in the public sector and industry, including Defense Research & Development Canada – Canadian Safety and Security Program, Canaport-LNG, Port Saint John, Saint John Energy, Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station, NB Power Head Office, RCMP, PreparedEx, Atlantic Potash Corporation, Mosaic Corporation, Moosehead Breweries Limited, Emera Brunswick Pipeline Company, and the Provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.


ESI provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Fire Service Review
  • Business Continuity Review
  • Haz Mat & Decontamination Systems & Training
  • Exercise & Evaluation Services
  • Incident Command System & EOC Training
  • Liaison between Industry & Responders
  • Accountability Systems
  • Organizational Risk Management Programming
  • Specialized Tactical Fire Service Training
  • Emergency Plan Development
  • Customized Tactical Training
  • Inspection Services, including CPTED
  • Standard Crisis Management/Command Response
  • Digital Simulation
  • Web-based Incident Management Systems and Software Solutions