Lessons Learned from Manchester: Centralized Authority for Accountability

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Background Following a recent terrorist incident, fifteen people have been confirmed missing by family and friends following the attack that killed 22. First responders were among the 59 injured in the incident. Desperate parents and friends have been searching frantically for loved ones following the terrorist incident at the Manchester Arena on Monday night. Sixteen […]

From the C-Suite: What Your Company Should Know About Crisis Planning

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January 25th, 2017 By Jason Boies Mark Gillan spent 26 years with the Saint John Fire Department, retiring as Deputy Fire Chief and Director of the Emergency Management Organization. His time as a firefighter included four days in New York in September 2001 as a Rescue and Recovery volunteer at Shea Stadium and Ground Zero. […]

Wild-land Interface Fires: Planning, Community Relationships, and Response Capability

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Originally Posted: October 18th, 2016 Photo Source/Credit: Alberta RCMP, 2016 As the fall out is being assessed from this year’s major wildland fires on the U.S. west coast and in the Canadian context, the most costliest disaster in Canadian history “the Fort McMurray Fire” risk assessors and public policy analysts are re-considering our planning and […]

Industrial Facility Exercises: Linking the Emergency Operations Centre and Tactical Level

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Originally Posted 26 August 2016 There is an increasing expectation from regulators and within communities that industrial facilities, railways, trucking, and pipeline operations validate interoperability with the community through valid, full-scale exercises. It is critical to test the vertical communication from the tactical component in the field to the Emergency Operations Centre(s) (EOCs). The intent is […]

Fort McMurray Wildfire Conflagration

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Originally Posted May 4th, 2016   As the noon hour passes in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, the thoughts and prayers of Canadians are with the residents, emergency managers, and responders of Alberta as they continue to battle the fire that ignited Monday, May 2nd 2016. The 10,000 hectare fire has, at the time of this article, […]

Corporate Crisis Preparedness: Developing a Business Case

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Originally Posted September 2015 Whether it be a natural disaster; corporate scandal; cyber incursion; fire; or hazardous materials release, a corporate or community crisis can bring an entity to its knees financially. If not handled properly, a crisis of this nature can also bring irreparable damage to a respected brand. As with any program-based mitigation initiative […]

Tianjin City Port Explosion

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Mark Gillan | 19 August 2016 As of the 19th of August 2015, although we are only one week after the explosions at the Port of Tianjin China, there have been indications of the gaps in preventable measures that would have served to mitigate or minimize the human and economic tolls faced by the community. […]