Crisis Communications Workshop

Crisis Communications Workshop

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As the speed and use of Social Media increases, so do the demands on an organization’s Crisis Communications or Crisis/Public Information Officer and Team.

It is critical for organizations to have an accurate understanding of their capabilities to deal with dynamic crisis situations. Like never before, an organization’s “brand” may be affected by insufficient response within Social (Citizen) and Traditional media. Emergency Solutions International (ESI) provides facilitated sessions to bring together Crisis Management Teams to plan, train, exercise, and evaluate organizational capabilities in the area of Crisis Communications.

Combined Workshop and Emergency Operations Centre Table Top Sessions

Building upon the Incident Command System (ICS), groups of 12-20 are taken through the fundamentals of managing an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in a time of crisis.  The crisis communications module is introduced to add the current challenges presented by Traditional and Social (Citizen) media within the “Public Information” function.

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With a view toward enhancing the competencies of role players and validating the planning documents used within the EOC, realistic table top exercises are developed.  Customized table tops utilize digital simulation to add a sense of realism to each exercise and challenge emergency management practitioners.

Session Elements

  • Crisis Communications Plan Review
  • Incident Command System Review
  • Case Study Applications
  • Table Top Exercise Part I – Emerging Crisis
  • Spokesperson Interviews Part I
  • Educational Luncheon: Emerging trends within Traditional and Social Media
  • Review interviews from Part I
  • Table Top Exercise Part II with Simulation, if appropriate – Response and Recovery
  • Capability Gap Analysis and After Action Reporting


Session Outcomes

  • Validation of Organizational Crisis Communications Plan
  • Examination of interdependencies between other stakeholder’s Plans (Unified Messaging)
  • Examination of identified gaps
  • Medium for relationship building of the “Crisis” team and appropriate stakeholders
  • Foundation piece for development of a sustainable Crisis Communications Strategy


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Crisis Communications Workshop and Table Top – 1.5 Days


Crisis Communications Workshop and Table Top – ICS 100 or 402

Document Review

Incident Command System 402, ICS Canada

Incident Command System 100, ICS Canada

Ontario Incident Management System (IMS) Doctrine

Organizational Crisis Communications Plan

Stakeholders Interdependent Crisis Planning Documents

National Fire Protection Association 1561 & 1026

Industry best practice planning documents