FireSmart Risk Assessments

What Is FireSmart? 

FireSmart addressees the risks of wildfire in communities. A fire needs fuel and oxygen to grow and by acting and creating a FireSmart community the resistance of your home and property to fire will dramatically increase. Changes made to the areas closest to your home and your home itself, have the greatest potential to reduce the risk of wildfire damage. Our goal at ESI is to assess each address by using a score card developed by FireSmart to assess your property and home on its resistance to wildfire. An after action review will be provided to the community council with suggestions on how each address can become more FireSmart.

ESI goes beyond the FireSmart program when conducting these boots on the ground assessments. Included in our assembly team are experienced and certified fire code inspectors and investigators. This gives ESI a unique, customizable, and honest approach to analysing every single residential infrastructure in the community.

Benefits of FireSmart:

    • Creates defensible space that prevents fires from advancing and endangering homes and lives.
    • Reduces the probability that wind-driven embers falling far ahead of a wildfire will ignite a fire on or around your home.
    • Improves property value while reducing risk of loss.
    • Improves community relationships with local fire staff since firefighters can concentrate their efforts on fighting wildfires rather than devoting often limited resources to protecting homes – which may ultimately be lost if the fire can’t be contained.
    • Encourages good neighbours, since the more homes within a community that adopt “FireSmart” practices, the greater the impact on reducing the heat and speed of the fire.
    • Offers peace of mind, knowing that your home is prepared to survive a wildfire in the event one should occur.

Evacuation Tips:

Go Bag Preparation


  • Bottled water and ready-to-eat food (ex:high Calorie power bars)
  • Battery-powered or hand cranked flashlight
  • Small battery-powered or hand cranked radio
  • FlashLights and extra batteries
  • Extra batteries
  • Seasonal clothing and an emergency blanket
  • Copy of your emergency plan and copies of important documents (Ex: Insurance papers)
  • Pet food, water, leashes, carries, if applicable
  • Small first aid kit and personal medications
  • Toiletries and items such as an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses and solution
  • Cash in small denominations
  • Pen and notepad
  • Whistle

When leaving, Don't forget


  • Make sure you are safe before assisting others
  • Monitor the radio, Television, and/or social media for information from authorities
  • Do not turn off your home's gas supply
  • Post easy to see signs for water and gas shut-off
  • Follow your household emergency plan
  • Bring your go-bags
  • Close doors and windows

Communities and Associates ESI has Helped

We Look forward to working with you to build safer communities! For more information or to proceed with a firesmart assessment please provide us with the information below.

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