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Keep everyone in your organization prepared for every emergency.

Training & Education

Custom-designed exercises for your organization

Design & Evaluation Services

A team of accredited instructors qualified to certify your organization

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Partner with ESI on a research & development project.

Thought Leadership

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Risk & Resiliency Assessment

Community or organizational risk assessment is the foundation for increased resiliency. The ESI team can re-energize your risk management program.  


Research & Development

We are always on the hunt for partnerships for that next big Public Safety proposal to R & D funding streams. If you are a government, academic or private sector entity with a great idea, let us help to move it into the light of day.



Program Validation

Tabletop, functional, or full-scale exercises, we validate programs and planning documentation.  Through practice, staff become more confident and competent in the programs which will enable them to manage corporate crises.


Instruction & Certification

Virtually, in-person and beyond the classroom, ESI offers a number of tactically oriented programs and can customize the delivery to suit your organization’s needs. ESI leads tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises to validate programs and planning documentation. 


We support government and private sector.

We support partners from the government, the corporate private sector, and critical infrastructure. ESI was incorporated in New Brunswick in 2009 and works internationally with clients within government, critical infrastructure, resilient corporations, and industry. The primary mission of Emergency Solutions International (ESI) is to support partners from both the government and private sector in their risk, resiliency, all-hazard emergency management, business continuity, and security programs.


Organizational Resiliency

Our clients quickly become partners. ESI guides our clients through our Resiliency Management process to develop an annual cyclical regimen of planning, training, program validation and continuous improvement. Our clients experience organizational resiliency on a gradual basis. The ESI approach is collaborative, patient and fun for our partner organizations.

Resourced Experts

Security, emergency management, and business continuity experts with an overall goal of increasing organizational resiliency, ESI staffs projects with the right experts to ensure success.

With expertise in training and implementation of the Canadian Incident Command System (ICS), ESI can provide “resourced” experts to assist before and during times of crisis. To promote self-sufficiency, ESI can proactively train an organization’s own “boots on the ground” personnel.

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