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Training & Education

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Incident Command System Canada

ESI works with ICS Canada to provide Canadian Incident Command System (ICS) course content, customized to your organization. Courses may be blended with planning documents to provide an interesting ad valuable learning experience.

ICS is a progressive series of courses: I-100, I-200, I-300, I-400 and I-402. ICS is a standardized on-site management system designed to enable effective and efficient incident management. Through the use of best practices ICS helps to ensure the safety of responders and others, the achievement of tactical objectives, and the efficient use of resources.


Emergency Operations / Emergency Coordination Centre Management

Explore the fundamentals of managing an Emergency Operations Centre in a time of crisis.

A group learning experience focusing on validating emergency planning documents and competencies of role players within the EOC and On-Site Command, realistic tabletop exercises are developed. Utilizing digital simulation as a medium for realism, customized tabletops are designed to challenge emergency management practitioners.


Command Decision Making Through Digital Simulation

This custom course is built on possible incidents and risks present at your industrial facility.

Within the exercise, students must read and react to changing conditions that are custom designed to the risk present in the familiar surroundings of the student’s work facility.

Students must work through realistic, digital scenarios while engaging with a qualified instructor. A minimum of two digital simulations are utilized for each student. The simulations are designed to not only be recognized areas of the student’s facility but are at a level commensurate with the student’s competency and experience.


Save Our Own Firefighter Training

An opportunity for crews who are responsible for each other’s lives to bond in a facilitated manner.

This is a challenging and physically demanding course conducted at a moderate pace to ensure proper retention and practice. Industrial Response Team leaders practise the fundamentals of leading and communicating critical information during these incidents.

Prior to the beginning of the course, an assessment of the current state of the students’ level of competency will be conducted. The course is adapted to provide a comfortable learning pace based upon this assessment.


Industrial Fire Stream Safety Practice

Standardized defensive fire stream application through theory and practical training

In this progressive module-based format, students will receive a standardized defensive fire stream application through the use of fixed and portable monitor appliances, theory and practical training merged into real-life scenarios. A current state of learning assessment will be conducted of all students in advance. Should introductory material be needed, the curriculum will be altered to reflect this.


Crisis Communications Workshop

As the use of social media increases, so do the demands of an organization’s Crisis Communications team.

It is critical for organizations to have an accurate understanding of their capabilities to deal with dynamic crisis situations. Like never before, an organization’s brand may be affected by the insufficient response within social and traditional media. ESI provides facilitated sessions to bring together Crisis Management Teams to plan, train, exercise, and evaluate organizational capabilities in the area of Crisis Communications.


Scribing for Emergency Management

Learn the importance of developing and maintaining accurate records during an emergency.

Equip your team to professionally present themselves and provide accurate information during and after every emergency. This course introduces methods and best practices, providing opportunities for participants to practice their skills.


Vision, Research & Development, and Thought Leadership

Partner with ESI on a technology, risk management, or public safety research & development project.

ESI is revolutionizing emergency response for provincial, federal and private organizations. We’ve accomplished this by implementing proven ICS Canada principles and leading digital resources. Our situational-based training and education is continuously being improved upon to provide the highest level of security and resilience for each client and project.