Fisheries and Oceans Canada AIS Response

Department of Fisheries and Oceans has successfully operationalized ICS Canada principles for Aquatic Invasive Species response, with partners from the Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba with the assistance and guidance of ESI.

The Partners have agreed upon a common risk and planning framework for response to Aquatic Invasive Species. These common Program and Planning documents integrate ICS throughout and will be standardized for the 3 Prairie Provinces and 1 Federal entity.

ESI worked with the Partners to create a comprehensive and holistic Response Management Program (RMP). The documentation to support the robust RMP includes a set of framework documents: Response Management Program (RMP) document, Response Management Plans for each Partner, and (ERP), and geographically/species specific Rapid Response Resources (RRRs) for each Partner. AIS Response Plans were developed for Saskatchewan and Manitoba, while the pre-existing plan for Alberta was reviewed with recommendation for revision provided.

Each of the plans within the Response Management Program integrates the principles of ICS Canada and focus upon interoperability with First Responders and stakeholders as well as vertical integration between the three levels of documentation. The outcomes of the plan creation for the Partners support inter-jurisdictional management of an event and allow for scalable response depending upon the nature of the incident i.e. number of AIS sightings and locations.

About the author:

Mark leads the ESI team in conducting risk assessments, training, program, and plan review, exercise scenario development, exercise facilitation, and evaluation as well as compiling final After Action Review documentation and recommendations. Under Mark’s leadership, there have been six (6) Federal research and development projects conceived and executed by the ESI team. Service has been provided for various critical infrastructures, such as Port Saint John, Point Lepreau Generating Station, Canaport Liquefied Natural Gas, Saint John Energy, as well as corporations like Atlantic Potash, Mead Johnson Nutrition, and the Mosaic Company.