Search and Rescue for Autism: Autism Spectrum Disorders – National Safety and Search and Rescue Plan

Under SAR NIF Funding, with Parks Canada as the Federal Partner, ESI is assisting Search and Rescue for Autism (SAR-A) with a National Safety and Search and Rescue Plan.

The purpose of this project is to reduce the frequency, severity and duration of SAR incidences and to optimize positive outcomes when elopement (wandering or bolting) occurs, through an education program reaching not only SAR and first responder personnel but autistic individuals, their families and organizations caring for them.

The outcome of the SAR-A Project is the development and delivery of a national, standardized, community-based educational materials andSAR dedicated technical training across Canada. This will increase awareness of ASD wandering and bolting incidents and theirunique response requirements , provide pre-planning and prevention tools nationally, support increased responder training for SAR, and open doors to further development into all areas of emergency response for ASD.

About the author:

Mark leads the ESI team in conducting risk assessments, training, program, and plan review, exercise scenario development, exercise facilitation, and evaluation as well as compiling final After Action Review documentation and recommendations. Under Mark’s leadership, there have been six (6) Federal research and development projects conceived and executed by the ESI team. Service has been provided for various critical infrastructures, such as Port Saint John, Point Lepreau Generating Station, Canaport Liquefied Natural Gas, Saint John Energy, as well as corporations like Atlantic Potash, Mead Johnson Nutrition, and the Mosaic Company.