DTI RADCOM Special Edition Newsletter: Announcement of Provincial (NB) HazMat Exercise

DTI Radio Communication RADCOM  Special Edition Newsletter

Provincial Hazardous Materials Exercise 2022

RADCOM will be providing communication equipment an d planning in a joint exercise with the Office of the Fire Marshall and members of the five Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Teams from around the province. Coordinated by the group from Emergency Solutions International (ESI) from Saint John. This group will perform risk assessments and all the steps for the response process will be evaluated. The pre exercise event is scheduled for June 1 st , 2022 from 13:00 hours to 16:00 hours. The HazMat Teams will be displaying the massive amount of equipment involved to respond to an emergency which may occur in the province. One Heavy HazMat Team trailer along with another team’s equipment will be on display.

RADCOM as well will be bringing its complete array of trailers and response equipment for display and to answer questions concerning our equipment. RADCOM will respond to any incident, such as a forest fire, ice storm, to assist GSAR when searching for a lost person or incidents of natural disasters.

RADCOM is confident we have the equipment in place to assist our various customers with caches of portable radios (over one hundred fifty placed through out the province), six Digital Vehicle Repeater Systems (DVRS) strategically placed through the province, for enhancing coverage, portable generators, an emergency response trailer with various equipment for solving communication difficulties, an ATV (with snow tracks as needed) for accessing off road locations to provide connections with the network when needed. All equipment is maintained to be deployed at a moment’s notice and is self sufficient with no requirements from the customer.

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Hazardous Materials Special Edition v3

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